I'm a passionate software engineer who loves designing and building high-quality software.

I have a life-long passion for computers and technology in general. My love for building things led me to work with startups around the world, where I could take an active role in creating new products.

My background has been primarily in developing web applications from the ground up. I've been working extensively with modern JS frameworks for years, including React, Vue, and Node.js or Python backends. Today, I work as a full-stack engineer, mostly focusing on Clojure backend development, and I've become passionate about functional programming in general. I've worked in multiple startups from Silicon Valley πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, to Italy 🍝, to Switzerland πŸ§€, to Australia 🦘, and have also developed websites and small mobile apps as side projects.

Most of the projects I've worked on are available on my GitHub account @eliascotto.

Open Invite

If you have something interesting to discuss or collaborate on, feel free to send me a message at [email protected] .

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